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Post by Admin on Tue Nov 10, 2015 11:43 am

Before you are about to post a topic,read these rules and follow them.Also make sure that you search about a particular topic before you make one.

Having one account in the Forums:

This is the most important rule here..If you have a brother or a sister,they can register here.But this doesn't mean that you fool us telling "its my bro's account" and have two accounts.If at all you're caught having more than one account,you'll be banned.

No Sharing accounts:

You dont need to share your forum account.If you post something like "I share this account with my bro,he posted all those things",you'll be banned.This ban is not for spamming,its for sharing your account.


This includes posting useless posts and flooding in the forums.If you're in a hurry and just want to increase your forum posts and you reply in every thread,like "cool","okay",and such one word posts,it will also lead to spam.The users who spam will be given a warning once,then they will be banned for some time.If this continues,they will be IP banned from the forums.

No Ban Evasion:

If you're banned for some reason,stay banned.If you change your IP,we will know about it for sure,and the consequences will be more serious.

No Swearing:

This includes the posts like "Fu*k".You'll be banned for sometime if you swear in excess.

No Porn:

This is a forum related to pokemon.Kids will be there.So yeah,there should be no point of porn.

No flaming and racist comments:

As the topic says.And if you're found to do any such thing,it will lead to a immediate ban.

No double Posting:

Posting twice for the updates of the clan and some other updates is okay.But no double posting anywhere else in the forum.

No Advertising other RPG's:

No need to advertise your games here.You can create a thread about your favorite game in the "games section" of the forums if you want.But if you spam referal links of other website in normal topics,you'll straight away be banned.

No Mod Acting:

If you're not a staff and you're acting like you are one of it,this is strictly condemmned.You also don't need to back mod other users till the Administrators and the Moderators come to visit the forums.The user will be given a warning and next time,it'll lead to a ban from the real staff.

No asking for being a mod:

If you have any intentions to become a mod,first stay up to it.Follow all the above rules and be nice.We will promote you if you're found to be active and caring for the site.But please,dont spam our PM's asking "Can I be a mod".

Forums Avatar & Signature:

Keep your forum signature & avatars nice and clean. Images are allowed in signature, but not more than 1 image. Again that one image cannot be over sized one. Mods will edit / delete your signature if they find it not suited for this forum.


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